Fighting for Constituents and Local Communities

Over the last two years as your Congressman, Mike Carey has made it a priority to help constituents navigate federal agencies and bring tax dollars back to our communities.

Since taking office just over two short years ago, Mike Carey has put more than $6 million back into the pockets of his constituents and helped thousands solve problems with the VA, IRS, Social Security, passports and much more.

In the same time, he has secured more than $40 million for local projects through the appropriations process. Projects to bring water infrastructure to Sidney and Bloomingburg; a new law enforcement facility in London; funds to fight human trafficking in Columbus; expansion of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective; roads; and much more.

Stop Wasteful Spending, Bring Back American Energy Independence, Lower the Cost of Living, Strengthen the Economy

It is no secret that the more than $9 Trillion increase in federal government spending since February of 2021, combined with a radical energy policy, caused one the worst inflation crises our nation has ever seen.

Americans continue to struggle with high prices across the board, but Mike Carey is working to stop out of control spending, reduce energy prices, and get our economy back on track.

Mike has introduced and championed several pieces of legislation to address these problems:

  • Fighting Presidential Budget Waste Act - This bipartisan bill would require the administration to consider the Government Accountability Office’s annual report on federal programs before presenting a Presidential budget. This would help to cut duplicative and wasteful programs, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.
  • The Pay Less at the Pump Act - This bill, passed in a package by the Ways and Means Committee, would terminate a $10.5 billion tax that was recently and unfairly placed on U.S. oil refineries, lowering gas prices for Americans and encouraging more domestic energy production.
  • The Promoting Domestic Energy Production Act - This bipartisan bill brings back tax deductions for energy exploration that were taken away by the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act”. Bringing back these deductions will not only spark more American energy production, but lead to cost saving for all Americans.
  • Leveraging and Energizing America's Apprenticeship Programs Act- This bipartisan bill will encourage more skilled labor and help build our workforce by allowing employers a $1,500 tax credit for each of their employees who participate in qualified apprenticeship programs.
  • The Imaging Services Price Transparency Act - Passed by the House as part of the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act, this bill will require medical providers to disclose the cost of imaging services like x-ray, MRI and CT scans, helping Americans find the best value for these common health care tools.

Ensuring our Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responders Receive the Care and Respect they Deserve

Mike Carey has taken a stand in Congress to always do what is best for our veterans, law enforcement officers and first responders. Here is some of the legislation Mike has introduced and championed:

  • The Veterans HSA Access Act - Mike introduced this bipartisan legislation to allow disabled veterans who were injured in non-service related incidents to continue contributing to a tax free Health Savings Account while still receiving their earned VA benefits.
  • The Honoring our PACT Act - Mike voted in favor of this life saving legislation to expand VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances.
  • Protect and Serve Act - Mike has championed this legislation to support law enforcement by making it a federal crime to knowingly cause or attempt to cause serious bodily injury to a law enforcement officer.
  • Enhancing COPS Hiring Program Grants for Local Law Enforcement Act - Our law enforcement continue to struggle with hiring and retention of officers to protect our communities. To help with this critical issue, Mike Carey worked on and introduced this legislation as an original cosponsor to authorize law enforcement agencies to use COPS grants to recruit and retain law enforcement officers.
  • Supporting Our First Responders Act - Mike Carey knows the importance of Emergency Medical Services and the struggles the industry faces. That’s why he introduced this legislation as an original cosponsor to establish a competitive grant program to support medical transport and EMS.

Protecting and Fixing Social Security

As the Vice Chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee, Mike Carey has made it a priority to work in a bipartisan fashion to strengthen Social Security.

Social Security Overpayments

Mike Carey was the first member of Congress to call for a hearing regarding Social Security Administration overpayment notices after SSA refused to disclose how many Americans were negatively impacted by the agency’s own mistakes.  

Mike’s work uncovered that SSA is demanding Social Security payments back from more than 2 million Americans per year. Americans who were living by the rules and were hit with notices demanding repayment of tens of thousands of dollars.

Fixing this troubling mistake from SSA has become a priority for Mike Carey. Seniors and disabled Americans on a fixed income shouldn't be penalized for bureaucratic mistakes on the part of the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Fairness Act

Mike Carey is working to end antiquated regulations on the Social Security benefits of retired public employees such as teachers, police officers and firefighters.

Not only has Mike Carey co-sponsored the Social Security Fairness Act, but he also chaired a Ways & Means field hearing to identify and address the flawed and unfair effects that Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) have on hundreds of thousands of public employees.

Civility in Congress

It is no secret that tensions are at an all time high in Congress. While Mike Carey may have political and policy differences with his fellow members, he believes that we should treat one another with civility and respect.

That is why he partnered with Democrat Congresswoman Joyce Beatty to create the Civility and Respect Caucus to encourage decorum amongst fellow members regardless of party.

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